Vehicle Dynamics Module

AEM-logoThe new Vehicle Dynamics Module (30-2203), or VDM, from AEM allows users with an Infinity ECU or AQ-1 Data Logger to add track mapping and chassis dynamics data to their engine data. The VDM provides g-force, pitch, roll, and yaw from its integrated three-axis accelerometer and gyrometer; and vehicle speed, position, and altitude through GPS/GLONASS coordinates, transmitting it via AEMnet CANbus through a simple DTM connection.

AEM-Vehicle-Dynamics-Module-30-2203AEM made installation easy: just mount the weather-resistant VDM in the correct orientation and at the correct angle and connect it to the AEMnet adapter of your Infinity ECU, AQ-1 Data Logger, or X-Series GPS-based speedometer—no configuration required! The GPS/GLONASS antenna is IP67 rated (dustproof and weatherproof to 1 meter) for mounting on the outside of your vehicle.


  • GPS latitude and longitude delivers AEMdata track map functionality via AEMnet CANbus.
  • Easily add GPS, lateral G, altitude, pitch, and roll data to engine data logs.
  • Continuous time data can be used for Infinity USB log file naming.
  • Accelerometers supply 3-axis acceleration data for chassis tuning.
  • Ideal for road racers who want to use the gyrometer data for suspension adjustments.
  • Perfect for drag racers who want G-loads and wheel stand data.
  • GPS vehicle speed, heading, and altitude logged for data analysis and lap comparisons.
  • Status LED indicates power and GPS signal.
  • Weather-resistant enclosure and IP67-rated GPS/GLONASS antenna.

PN 30-2203

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