TCI® Transmission Packages

TCI-logoIf you’re a cruiser or racer in search of excellent performance and long-lasting durability, TCI® has the perfect transmission package for you.

TCI® Transmission Packages - Enlarge

TCI® Transmission Packages – Enlarge

Each TCI® Transmission Package includes a conventional or electronic transmission with shift firmness customized for the selected package, converter, cooler, dipstick and three gallons of Max Shift™ ATF. And of course, each transmission and torque converter undergoes the rigorous, industry-recognized Triple Testing procedure to verify that internal fluid pressures and shift characteristics adhere to the strict standards of TCI® quality control.

Features & Benefits

  • Conventional and electronic transmissions available
  • Shift firmness customized for the selected package
  • Triple-tested for quality control assurance
  • Packages available for a wide range of applications

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