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PROFORM: Chevy Orange Stock-Height Valve Covers for Small-Block Chevy Gen II

Now available in popular Chevy Orange to complete your desired look, these stock-height valve covers from PROFORM have a factory design and shape, with hand-painted black fins and Bowtie. The covers received a SEMA Global Media Award for being one of the best new products in the show, and it’s easy to see why: PROFORM manufactures them to […]

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PROFORM (66445.1F): Ford 10si-Style One-Wire Alternator

To keep the power flowing through your Ford 260-460 V8 in low-idle situations, grab a new 10si-style alternator from PROFORM. Meeting the increased power demand from today’s electric fuel pumps, A/C, power windows, and even underbodies, PROFORM’s 66445.1F 100-amp alternator is a much-needed upgrade over stock 1G or 2G model alternators. This fan-style alternator features a one-wire […]

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PROFORM: Electric Piston Ring Filers

For quick and precise ring grinding, look no further than the 220-volt (66759) and 120-volt (66758) electric piston ring filers from PROFORM. Just square up your ring by pressing it against the dowel pin for a clean grind. Suitable for bench or vise mounting, these high-quality aluminum filers include a 120-grit grinding wheel (replaceable with PN […]

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PROFORM: Slant-Edge Breather Caps with Ford Oval

New Ford Performance breather caps from PROFORM will put the finishing touch on your ride by completing your slant-edge look—or add just a little something extra to give your engine that final “pop.” The Ford Oval is proudly displayed in a CNC-milled raised emblem, a black-inlaid paint or red-inlaid paint version, or with no logo at all […]

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PROFORM Digital Variable Speed Fan Controller

For use with single or dual fan setups, PROFORM’s new variable speed fan controller makes your fan (or fans) run at the speed necessary to maintain a consistent temperature. This intelligent performance reduces amperage spikes, fan wear, and fan noise. This product is housed in weather-resistant billet aluminum with a bright digital display that reads out […]

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PROFORM Double-End AN Wrench Set

The new four-piece, double-end AN wrench set from PROFORM is a terrific way to add versatility to your toolbox. Each wrench boasts 30- and 60-degree heads to grip hose ends from a wider array of positions and into some of the tightest spaces thanks to its streamlined handle edges. These wrenches offer a firm grip, CNC-machined fitting […]

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PROFORM: LS Engine Lift Plate

Made from quality steel, the new LS engine lift plate from PROFORM is the perfect solution for easily removing any Gen IV LS engine. It works by bolting directly to the top of engine (with the intake manifold and valley tray cover removed) using the existing valley tray bolts. Three pickup points allow you to balance or […]

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PROFORM: 1-Wire Mini-Alternators

Don’t need to power a small village with your alternator? Check out the new 50-amp 1-Wire Mini-Alternators from PROFORM, which come in both Black Crinkle (66432) and Polished (66433) finishes and show a higher performance curve at higher RPMs than many popular 55-amp competitors. These products are 100% new, include a machined V-belt pulley, and […]

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