Super StreetFighter™ Series Transmissions

TCI-logoThe perfect choice for naturally aspirated engines producing up to 1025 horsepower, the TCI® Super Streetfighter™ series of transmissions bridges the gap between the StreetFighter® series and full-competition options. The manual/automatic valve body of the Super Streetfighter™ means that most units allow for either manual shifting into each gear change or remaining fully automatic.



The Super Streetfighter™ transmission upshifts and downshifts precisely when the lever is moved, with no lag or governor override. The result is time shaved off ETs. When the normal drive position is selected, the transmission retains positive, automatic shifts for the ease of driving.

Special Features

  • Upshifts/downshifts with no lag or governor override
  • Perfect for naturally aspirated engines with up to 1025 HP
  • Valve body allows for manual shifting or remaining fully automatic
  • 700R4, 2004R & AOD versions feature Constant Pressure Valve Body™

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