PROFORM: 1-Wire Mini-Alternators

Don’t need to power a small village with your alternator? Check out the new 50-amp 1-Wire Mini-Alternators from PROFORM, which come in both Black Crinkle (66432) and Polished (66433) finishes and show a higher performance curve at higher RPMs than many popular 55-amp competitors.

These products are 100% new, include a machined V-belt pulley, and are tested at both the component and finished stages to ensure top quality. In fact, every PROFORM alternator accompanied by a quality-assurance graph that charts its specific output characteristics. With PROFORM, the proof is in the performance!


  • Provides power without the weight (only 6 lb.).
  • Reliable and good looking.
  • Available in two finishes: Polished and Black Crinkle.
  • Every mini-alternator fabricated from 100% new components.
  • Individually tested and performance documented.

For more information contact a Karbelt Pickering sales rep.

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