PowerTrax (3912004): GRIP LOK Traction System

Representing the latest in traction-adding differential technology, the GRIP LOK combines the fully automatic locking action of PowerTrax’s traditional locker with the strength of a fully machined case. This is PowerTrax’s strongest locking differential, offering the ultimate in competition and off-road utility by way of its mechanically actuated traction capabilities.

The PowerTrax GRIP LOK comes fully assembled.

Note: Always use an 80W-90 weight petroleum-based gear oil with a GL-5 (or higher) rating; friction additive/modifiers should NOT BE USED. Synthetic oils and oils containing friction modifiers are not recommended.


  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Automatic, mechanically actuated traction differential technology.
  • Fully machined, forged-steel case.
  • Designed for rugged competition and off-road traction needs—not for the timid!

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