NOS Pro Big Shot Solenoid and Wrench

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nos-logoNitrous oxide is the easiest way to add big power to any engine and NOS is the #1 name in nitrous!

Pro-Bigshot™ nitrous solenoid

Nitrous oxide is the easiest way to add big power to any engine and NOS is the #1 name in nitrous! NOS is proud to introduce a new nitrous solenoid to the lineup. The NOS Pro-Bigshot™ nitrous solenoid features a huge .250” orifice encased in a lightweight, clear anodized billet aluminum base that provides maximum flow for extreme applications. The Pro-Bigshot™ is a pressure balanced design that greatly reduces power draw, requiring only 4-6 amps during operation. Coming in at only 3.5” tall and 1.63” in diameter, the Pro-Bigshot™ nitrous solenoid makes installation easier on multiple stage systems compared to the trash can style solenoids.

Part Number: 18070NOS

NOS Nitrous Bottle Nut/AN Combo Wrench

The folks at NOS have designed a custom wrench that is a must have tool for any nitrous racer. No need to pack multiple AN wrenches along with a bottle nut wrench. The NOS Bottle Nut/AN Combo Wrench is all you need. The NOS wrench combines the ability to service 3AN, 4AN, 6AN, 8AN lines and 1-1/4” bottle nuts in one handy tool. Precision machined from 6061-T6 aluminum with a black anodize and laser etched for great looks and easy size identification.

Part Number: 16132NOS

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