New High-Output LS Coils Handle 1,000+ HP

The FAST™ XR-1A LS-Style High-Output Ignition Coil Set is designed specifically for high-compression naturally aspirated, boosted or nitrous-equipped applications making more than 1,000 horsepower. This horsepower range is far beyond the capabilities of OEM coils. The spark energy of the FAST™ coils is comparable to CDI (capacitive discharge ignition) systems without the need to convert. The Smart Coil design also requires no ignitor module. The FAST™ XR-1A LS-Style High-Output Ignition Coil Set delivers up to 44,000 volts, 103mJ of energy, and supports a maximum of 19 amps of current and 17 volts. It is designed to work with all OEM equipment, as well as FAST™ products that support coil-near-plug applications such as the XIM™ and EZ-LS™ ignition controllers.


Features & Benefits

  • Designed For N/A, Boosted, or Nitrous Applications Making Upwards of 1000 HP
  • Coil Set Functions in Very High Horsepower Applications Beyond What OEM Coils Can Support
  • Ideal For High-Compression Naturally Aspirated, Boosted & Nitrous-Equipped Engines
  • Provides Spark Energy Comparable to CDI Systems w/out a CD Ignition
  • Smart Coil Design Requires No Ignitor Module

For more information contact a Karbelt Pickering sales associate.

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