New Flowtech Headers

Holley is proud to announce the addition of several new applications to its Flowtech exhaust products line.

Flowtech headers are available in either a painted finish or a durable satin ceramic coating for added longevity. The ceramic coating acts as a thermal barrier to keep heat inside of the header, which increases exhaust velocity. This also keeps excess heat out of the engine compartment, which further improves performance by allowing a cooler, denser air intake charge. The ceramic coating also resists corrosion, extending the life of the headers. Certain designs are also available with a polished finish and/or 304 stainless steel construction. All headers feature high flow, mandrel-bent primaries to provide consistent tubing diameters for smooth transitions and high flow, increasing exhaust velocity. This will help your vehicle make more horsepower and torque through the entire RPM-range. They also feature 3/8″ flanges for a leak-free seal and maximum strength. The collector flanges and oxygen sensor bungs (when applicable) are specific to each application, ensuring an easy install that bolts right up to your factory exhaust.

The individual product text and high-resolution images can be found on the individual product pages:

  • 1964.5-73 Mustang shorty header (Painted, Ceramic)
  • 2005-2009 Mustang GT shorty headers (Painted, Ceramic)
  • Hot rod block huggers and manifolds:

                -Small block Chevy Rams Horn manifold (Black painted, Raw, Ceramic, Chrome)

                -Small block Chevy block hugger D-port (Black painted, Ceramic, Chrome, Stainless)

                -LS block hugger (Black painted, Ceramic, Chrome, Stainless)

                -Flathead Ford block hugger (Black painted, Ceramic, Chrome, Stainless)

                -Hemi 331/354/392 block hugger (Black painted, Polished, Ceramic)

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