New Flex-A-Lite Transmission Coolers

Providing class-leading cooling for tough environments like racing and towing, Flex-A-Lite transmission coolers are also a great choice for daily drivers and Jeeps. Their patented dimpled plate and fin design improves cooling efficiency while also keeping the fluid mixed for better heat transfer.

In fact, Flex-A-Lite transmission coolers provide nearly double the heat transfer of typical low-cost coolers. The dimples also make the plates stronger: the coolers have a 500 PSI–rated burst strength. Their aluminum construction is lightweight yet extremely strong and durable.

Available in a variety of sizes. Can also be used as a power-steering cooler.


  • All-aluminum construction for light weight and strength.
  • Great for daily drivers and racing/towing applications.
  • Patented dimpled plate and fin design.
  • Double the heat transfer of low-cost coolers.
  • 500 PSI burst strength.
  • Can also be used as a power steering cooler.

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