New FAST High-Output LS Coils Handle 1,000+ HP

FAST-logoJuice up your spark with these XR-1A High-Output LS-Style Coils from FAST™ and effortlessly handle 1,000+ horsepower applications. Perfect for high-compression, boosted or nitrous-equipped builds. CDI-comparable voltage of 44,000 volts keeps the candles lit without converting to CDI or the use of an ignitor module.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast-XR-1ACoil set functions in very high HP applications
  • Requires no ignitor module as it is a Smart Coil design
  • Spark energy like CDI systems without a CD ignition
  • Ideal for high-compression N/A, boosted & nitrous-equipped engines

For more information contact a Karbelt Pickering sales professional.

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