MSD Performance: High-Speed DynaForce Starters

Shipping now, the new high-speed DynaForce starters from MSD Performance are the answer to blown alcohol engines, those that employ a magneto, or any other application that requires faster-than-normal cranking speeds. Providing up to 25% faster cranking speeds and compatible with both 12- and 16-volt electrical systems, these DynaForce starters were designed for race engines.

Available for Ford, Chevy, and Chrysler applications.


  • Billet-aluminum adjustable mounting block.
  • Plated disc and contacts reduce arcing and increase continuity.
  • Heavy-duty high-temp solenoid for 12–16 volt systems.
  • 73:1 gear reduction.
  • Additional 25% cranking speed.
  • Use with blown alcohol engines, magneto ignitions, or engines requiring higher-cranking RPM.

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