MSD Performance Digital 6AL Ignition Control with Rev Limiter (Black)

MSDMSD Performance has upped the ante on its analog 6AL, the ignition control that had already set the standard in the category. Redesigned for the first time in 25 years and available in black (64253) in addition to the familiar red, the now-digital 6AL produces more power with less energy, all in a more compact housing. In addition, the single connector creates a tidier visual profile and facilitates installation.

64253Perhaps of most interest to enthusiasts is MSD’s inclusion of an easily adjustable rev limiter, now located on top of the housing; the two rotary dials let you set the limit in 100 rpm increments—no more plug-in rpm modules! The 6AL’s microprocessor monitors and controls every firing and rev limit, delivering more than 530 volts to the coil with up to 135mJ of spark energy for every firing! As a bonus, the integrated LED lets you know you’ve got voltage and blinks to signify a trigger signal.


  • High output: 530V and 135mJ of spark energy.
  • Efficient components use less current to produce more power.
  • Set an rpm limit with two rotary dials in 100 rpm increments.
  • Built-in LED for system checks.
  • All wires exit through a single locked, sealed connector.
  • Accepts trigger inputs from breaker points, amplifiers, and magnetic pickups.
  • Compatible with 4-, 6-, or 8-cylinder engines with 12V negative ground systems.
  • Includes wiring harness and installation components (plus vibration mount).

PN 64253

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