LS Swap 2nd-Generation F-Body Headers and Engine/Transmission Mounting




Finally, there is a complete mount and exhaust solution for swapping the extremely popular LS engine into 2nd generation GM F-bodies (Camaro/Firebird). Stand-alone components have been offered for this application for some time, but never a cohesively engineered engine mount, transmission crossmember, header and exhaust system package like this system from Hooker. In addition to great fitment, the Hooker system also provides an ideal 3? to 3.5? drivetrain angle on serious performance vehicles.

Due to the different subframe/floor geometry used to produce 1970-74 and 1975-81 F-Bodies, specific engine mounting brackets have been developed to optimize fitment in both model ranges. Two transmission crossmembers are offered, one for manual and one for automatic transmissions. Built to work with this application specific mounting system, Hooker now offers full and mid-length mild steel headers. They provide maximum component clearance, ground clearance, and room for large-diameter exhaust tubing. The full length headers are available for late Second Gens while the mid length headers fit all years of Second Gens. Early Second Gen full length headers will follow soon.

In addition, stunning full length stainless steel headers add to the lineup. These headers are configured with all new proprietary components exclusive to Hooker, such as investment-cast flanges and collector attenuators as well as one-piece formed merge collectors. They are built with the precision of a custom built set, but without the cost!

Matching 2.5” and 3” exhaust systems are currently in development for each of these headers and will be available soon!

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