LS Single Plane Intakes

holley-logoHolley continues to be the leader in performance products for the GM Gen III and IV LS engines!  As you have seen, our line of LS components continues to grow with new oil pans and baffles, accessory drive brackets, headers and intake manifolds.  We’re proud to announce our latest intake manifold for the LS engine – a single-plane design for both carbureted and EFI applications!

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It’s ideal for higher horsepower en­gines as well as those that are incorporating power adders such as forced induction or nitrous oxide. The runner design of the intake manifold fea­tures a constant cross sectional area and is ideal for a broad power band from 2,500-7000 rpm.  Thanks to advanced casting technology the intake comes in at a scant 17 lbs. and is complemented with consistent wall thickness throughout for balanced performance and sealing strength. The design also features the lowest carb mounting flange height possible without sacrificing power. They’re available for the LS3/L92 heads as well as the original LS1/2/6 cathedral port heads. Four part numbers are available; two for carbureted applications and two that are machined for port fuel injection EFI systems.

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