LS Aluminum Race Block

rhs-logo-190x72Designed to meet the needs of both race and street performance engine builders, the engineers at RHS® have created a high performance engine block for LS applications. To go beyond the limitations of other LS blocks, the RHS® LS Race Block is available in both standard deck and tall deck height configurations. Additionally, this aluminum block features a raised cam centerline and outboard priority main oiling to allow rod clearance for a 4.600″ stroke and to minimize windage in the crankcase.


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For quality control assurance, RHS® conducts a CT scan on each block to ensure maximum casting precision and consistency. When you combine unmatched finishing quality with added clearance for increased-stroke applications, precision computer-aided design and extra surface material to allow custom machining, you get the new benchmark for LS horsepower, torque and durability.

Ask your Karbelt sales rep for more details.

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