Hushmat: More Than 300,000 Custom Year/Make/Model Kits Available

As of 2018, Hushmat has exceeded 300,000 custom sound-deadening and thermal-insulating vehicle kits. These year/make/model–specific bundles make it easy to order and install exactly what you need, providing preformed and presized solutions designed to insulate against heat and noise. These complete kits include application-specific templates to facilitate installation.

Originator of Hushmat and Hushmat Ultra, Hushmat produces the only aftermarket sound-deadening and thermal-insulating material made in America.


  • Custom kits available for more than 300,000 specific applications.
  • Thermal and sound insulation for cars and trucks.
  • Applies to the sheet metal, plastic, or fiberglass surrounding your vehicle’s interior.
  • Reduces engine, exhaust, and radiant heat.
  • Reduces road, engine, and exhaust noise.

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