Holley HP & Dominator Fuel Pumps

holley-logoHolley Performance Products is proud to announce additions to the HP and Dominator fuel pump line! Holley engineers have designed these pumps to feature improved hot fuel handling capabilities which greatly reduce the negative effects of heated fuel now common with many of today’s pump gas blends. These pumps are compatible with pump gas or race gas. If you are using E-85 or diesel, no need to worry, Holley still has you covered with the original PN 12-890 HP and PN 12-1800 Dominator fuel pumps (See set up information for complete specs on new pumps).

holley-pumpsHolley’s HP or Dominator in-line billet fuel pumps are designed to be the perfect companion to your carbureted or fuel injected street vehicle, race car, off-road truck, or any other engine needing fuel! They feature OEM gerotor technology which yields lightweight, quiet operation and 100,000+ mile durability in a cost-effective and attractive package.

Dominator in-line billet fuel pumps feature patent pending dual pump technology and are perfect for the hard core enthusiasts that run events like Hot Rod Power Tour or the Baja 1000, the extra pump offers the peace of mind that you will always finish what you start! For hard core race vehicles, both pumps can be wired for full time duty to get maximum performance and are proven with 18.5 volt compatibility at pressures up to 80 psi.

The Dominator series pumps are now also available with dual inlets to eliminate any potential inlet restrictions, which are common when the inlet fuel line has numerous 90° bends.

For more information contact your Karbelt Pickering sales professional.

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