Holley Announces Plug-and-Play EFI Harnesses for Gen III HEMI Engines

holley-logoHolley is proud to announce the release of plug-and-play wiring harnesses to use their HP and Dominator EFI systems with Gen III HEMI engines, including the ’03-’10 5.7 & 6.1L, ’11-present 6.4L “392”, and Gen III 426 crate engines.

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These Holley EFI harnesses provide a plug-and-play solution for the main, injector, ignition coil, and drive-by-wire harnesses needed to fire up your Gen III HEMI with Holley EFI control. The main, ignition coil, and drive-by-wire harnesses are available for all Gen III HEMIs. Be sure to check out our EFI selection guide to ensure that you get the correct harnesses for your engine. The harnesses utilize TXL grade copper wiring, factory style terminations, OEM-grade connectors, and high-quality braided wire loom.

With Holley EFI, HEMI owners can take full control of their fuel & spark, as well as power adders such as superchagers, turbos, nitrous, and water/meth injection. The self-tuning fuel strategies and intuitive software make maximizing the performance from your HEMI-powered vehicle easier than ever. For more information on Holley EFI and what it can do for you, just click HERE.

  • Main Harness Early Crank/Cam PN 558-106
  • Main Harness Late Crank/Cam PN 558-107
  • Injector Harness, USCAR PN 558-210
  • Injector Harness, Jetronic PN 558-211
  • Coil Harness, Early FCI PN 558-310
  • Coil Harness, Late Tyco PN 558-311
  • DBW Harness, Early Tyco PN 558-417
  • DBW Harness, Late Molex PN 558-418

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