Holley (553-107): EFI LED Light Bar

Holley-EFI-LED-Light-Bar-553-107The days of low oil dummy lights are behind you! The new EFI LED Light Bar from Holley will revolutionize the way you think about shift lights and warning indicators. 553-107 features 14 fully programmable LEDs that leverage Holley’s stand-alone digital dash or EFI digital dash, allowing you to set LED color, brightness, and flash rates as well as user-definable warning indicators for a fully customizable experience!

The Holley LED Light Bar keeps your shifts on time and allows you to diagnose any ECU output at a glance—without removing your attention from the pavement ahead.

  • Fully customizable, 10-LED shift light.
  • 4 perimeter LEDs act as user-definable warning lights.
  • 3 programmable RPM ranges.
  • 15 levels of adjustable brightness.
  • Auto brightness or dimming based on ambient light.
  • 10 LED colors to choose from for easy identification.
  • Multiple flash rates.
  • Includes roll-bar and in-dash mounting kits for ease of installation.
  • Works with Holley stand-alone digital dash (553-109) and Holley EFI digital dash (553-106).
  • CAN plug-and-play installation gets going quickly.
  • User-friendly touchscreen interface via dash

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