High Energy™ Die Cast Aluminum Rocker Arms

compcams_logoDesigned as a budget performance upgrade, COMP Cams® High Energy™ Die Cast Aluminum Roller Rocker Arms feature a die cast, aluminum body with a needle bearing fulcrum and roller tip. Engineered for stiffness and durability, these rocker arms are capable of providing added valve lift while withstanding the rigors of a performance application.

05_20_14_high_energyPerfect for street and moderate race use, the die cast, larger-than-stock body of the rocker arms is made of aluminum for superior strength with light overall weight. The rockers’ specially engineered fulcrum and roller tip create far less friction than sliding factory models. The result is lower oil temperature, which in turn improves both response and horsepower.

Special Features

  • Superior strength-to-weight ratio
  • Withstand the rigors of performance applications
  • Reduced friction & lower oil temps for improved performance potential
  • Affordable aluminum rocker arms for AMC, Chevy, Ford & more

Ask your Karbelt sales rep about a set for your engine

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