Flex-A-Lite: Direct-Fit Radiators for LS Engine Swaps

Flex-A-Lite is bringing us a new line of performance aluminum radiators designed just for LS engine swaps. These dual-pass, direct-fit radiators were engineered so that the 1.25” inlet and 1.5” outlet are on the passenger-side tank, which includes a 0.25” NPT bung for the steam port tube.

Flex-A-Lite gave these performance radiators a unique Extruded Tube Core technology, which increases contact area between coolant and the extruded tubes and provides a flat surface to braze the cooling fins to; combined, these characteristics allow for better heat rejection and cooling. Wind tunnel testing has shown that this Extruded Tube Core offers significant cooling efficiency over standard tube radiators.

Extruded Tube Core Features

  • Replaces multi-core radiators with an advanced design.
  • Increases contact area between coolant and the extruded tubes.
  • Provides a flat surface to braze the cooling fins to, maximizing contact between the tubes and fins.
  • Louver patterns better direct airflow.
  • Significantly stronger (100 PSI burst rating).
  • Corner subhead reinforces the cooling tube to header connection (an area prone to cracking and leaking in other brands of aluminum radiators).
  • Direct-fit applications bolt in without any drilling or cutting.
  • Available with and without a Flex-A-Lite electric fan installed at the factory.
  • Warranty: 2 years (transferable).

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