Flaming River: Hi-Rev Performance Power Steering Pump for GM Type II

Flaming River’s hi-rev performance power steering pump is a direct, bolt-in replacement suitable for all vehicles using GM Type II power steering systems. FR1590 is engineered and assembled by KRC Power Steering to the same standards as KRC’s racing pumps. Features include adjustable-flow control fitting technology, which allows the user to dial in the feel of the vehicle’s steering in a matter of minutes.

Available finishes: Satin or Polished


  • 9 changeable flow-control fittings.
  • 22 GPM standard fluid-flow rate (1.18 GPM to 2.92 GPM optional).
  • 1,600 PSI pressure relief valve.
  • Press-on pulley shaft for direct GM Type II replacement (pulleys sold separately).
  • Less cavitation and more durable than standard GM Type II pumps.
  • Hard-coated rear cover for added longevity.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Two finishes: Satin or Polished
  • Warranty: 1 year

For more information contact a Karbelt Pickering sales rep.

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