Fia: Semi-Custom-Fit Seat Covers

If you want to create a dynamic, state-of-the-art interior for your vehicle, Semi-Custom-Fit Seat Covers from Fia are a smart choice. With three fabrics to choose from, these covers are test fitted for your particular application—including cars, SUVs, and CUVs.

SP 800 Series covers (available in Black or Gray) are made from a commercial-grade poly/cotton blend; TRS 400 Series covers (available in Black or Gray) for Wrangler are woven from heavy-duty polypropylene; and Oe 300 Series covers (available in bi-color Charcoal or Gray) come in a textural OEM-style tweed. All finishes are hand washable and resist wear for lasting good looks.

Though the fabrics used may differ, Fia designed these covers with several important common features, including ultraviolet protection, the ability to stay warm in winter and cool in summer, a form-fitting wrap-around design with stretch trim, no-slip Super Grip installation via quick-release buckles, and side airbag compatibility.


  • Hand-washable, wear-resistant, anti-UV fabric.
  • Warm in winter, cool in summer.
  • Installs with no tools required.
  • No-slip Super Grip fit and quick-release buckles.
  • Multi-directional stretch trim molds to the unique contours of your seats.
  • Compatible with side airbags.

Ask a Karbelt Pickering sales rep about a set for your vehicle.

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