Expand Your LSXR™ Intake

Thanks to a patented removable runner design, FAST™ is proud to introduce new intake and runner combinations that make the LSXR™ the most powerful and flexible intake manifold on the market.

The FAST™ LSXR™ is the only GM LS intake that offers the ability to interchange the runner sets for tuning the airflow characteristics to your level of engine modification. In addition to the original FAST™ LSXR™ 102mm Intake Manifold & Runner Set, High HP and Race versions are now available.

LSXR™ Intake Features

• Patented removable runner design
• Most flexible intake on the market
• Interchangeable runner sets for tuning
• Standard, High HP & Race versions available
• Master kit includes manifold & all 3 runner designs

For more information or pricing contact a Karbelt Pickering sales professional

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