Edelbrock: Universal Micro-Electric Fuel Pumps

Available for gasoline and diesel applications, Edelbrock universal micro-electric fuel pumps offer maximum performance in a compact package thanks to a simple, durable design that reduces the chance of vapor lock and flooding. Plus, they operate quietly, so you’ll barely know they’re there! In addition to the fuel pump, you’ll get a filter, mounting hardware, and instructions for a hassle-free installation.

PN 17303 pushes 30 GPH / 114 LPH
PN 17301 pushes 38 GPH / 144 LPH (both for gas/E85)
PN 17302 pushes 38 GPH / 144 LPH (for diesel).


  • Available for gas and diesel applications.
  • Durable, simple design.
  • Reduced chance of vapor lock and flooding.
  • Easy to install two-wire design.
  • Super-quiet operation.
  • Standard 12-volt negative ground system with 1 amp draw at max delivery.
  • Gravity-fed in-line is self-priming and -regulating.
  • Also usable as a lift or transfer pump.
  • 5/16” nipple inlet port / 5/16” barb outlet port.

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