Edelbrock (46125): E-Force Supercharged Gen III 426 Crate Engine

With a dyno-tested 808 HP and 762 ft. lb. of torque, the new complete Edelbrock E-Force Gen III 426 crate engine is one of the most potent engines in the E-Force lineup. It comes fully assembled and ready to drop into the engine bay of your current project car or truck.

Each E-Force Gen III 426 crate engine is built by Edelbrock in the United States using a Mopar 392 iron block with a 4.090” bore and 4.050” stroke to displace 426 cubic inches. The rotating assembling consists of a forged and balanced Manley stroker crankshaft, Manley H-beam connecting rods, and forged aluminum pistons with a 9.9:1 compression ratio—allowing you to run safely on 91-octane pump gas for reliable daily driving on the street.

The Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger features Eaton’s latest TVS R2650 rotors, which provide unparalleled efficiency, whisper-quiet operation, and OEM reliability. The 46125 engine runs a Comp Cams 274 camshaft with Edelbrock Performer RPM cylinder heads and comes complete with all essential supercharger kit components, including an electric intercooler water pump; intercooler recovery tank and plumbing; and fuel rails, fuel injectors, coils, mass air flow sensor (MAFS) housing, and reusable air filter.


  • Streetable and reliable for daily driving.
  • Runs on 91-octane pump gas.
  • Fully assembled engine includes ECU with tune and wiring harness.
  • Seamless bolt-in swap into multiple platforms.
  • Warranty: 2 years, unlimited mileage.


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