E6 Digital CD Ignition Kit

FAST-logoThe FAST™ E6 Digital CD Ignition Kit is a complete matching setup kit, which ensures optimum performance and durability. The engineers at FAST™ specifically designed the ignition coil based on the output specifications of the CD ignition boxes.

04_24_14_e6_ignition_kitThe E6 Digital CD Ignition Kit is EFI-friendly and was designed to work with all FAST™ EFI systems. However, it can be used in all carbureted applications as well. The kit fires multiple sparks per cylinder while the engine is below 3,000 RPM, providing complete fuel burning in the combustion chamber and in turn allowing a smooth-running engine.

Part #306401

Quick Facts

  • Complete matched system ensures optimum performance & durability
  • Ignition coil designed based on output specs of ignition boxes
  • Supports all FAST™ EFI systems and all carbureted applications
  • Multiple spark technology for smooth running & increased fuel economy

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