Driven Racing Oil (JGP70048): Injector Defender Gasoline Fuel Additive

feaInjector Defender from Driven Racing Oil not only prevents harmful corrosion from today’s ethanol-blended and poor-quality gasolines, but it also restores performance, protects fuel injection systems from power-sapping deposits, and provides fuel stabilization and preservation. This pour-in solution will not harm sensors in all fuel-injected cars, trucks, motorcycles, and marine engines. Each 10-ounce bottle (JGP70048) treats up to 25 gallons of gasoline.


  • Prevents harmful corrosion and restores performance.
  • Protects fuel injection systems from performance-robbing deposits.
  • Stabilizes and preserves fuel.
  • Won’t harm sensors in fuel-injected vehicles.
  • Ten ounces treat 25 gallons of gas.

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