Driven Racing Oil: 80W-90 Break-In Gear Oil

Promoting proper mating of gear sets without pitting or scuffing, 80W-90 break-in gear oil from Driven Racing Oil enables smoother, longer-lasting gear surfaces. This oil is designed for hypoid and spiral-bevel gear sets like those found in 9” and quick-change rear ends. It is safe to use in gear boxes and differentials and will not harm brass or copper components.

To remove break-in wear metals, drain the 80W-90 break-in gear oil after the normal 500–700 mile break-in cycle is complete. Driven recommends following up with a synthetic gear oil to provide the highest level of ongoing protection and efficiency for the rear gear and transmission.


  • Polishes gear teeth to prevent micro-pitting and enhance gear durability.
  • For hypoid and spiral-bevel gear seats.
  • Safe for gear boxes and differentials.
  • Will not harm copper or brass components.
  • Drain after break-in cycle (500–700 miles).

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