DiabloSport: Predator2 (P2) Performance Programmer

The next evolution of the Predator performance tuner is here! For 10 years, the Predator was known as one of the most solid performance tuners on the market, and now the Predator II from DiabloSport gives users tremendous performance gains, an unprecedented collection of adjustable options, advanced data logging capabilities, and more.

This 50-state-legal tuner is packaged in a slim, sleek case that fits in your hand; offers a full-color, button-controlled screen with improved user interface; offers lightning-fast Internet update software; and includes everything you need to get started right in the box!


  • Performance programs add horsepower and economy.
  • User-adjustable options like tire size, gears, shifting, and more.
  • High-speed OBD-II data logging.
  • Reads/clears diagnostic codes.
  • USB for updates and downloads.
  • Part numbers specific to various vehicle applications.
  • Supports domestic gas/diesel cars and trucks.
  • Legal in all 50 states.

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