Demon Carburetion: Screamin’ Demon Carburetors

The product of Demon Carburetion’s continued evolution, Screamin’ Demons are ideal for the weekend racer who demands better drivability and full-throttle performance. These carbs include four-corner idle, changeable idle, and high-speed air bleeds with tunability you’ll find on more expensive carburetors.

Screamin’ Demons are available in 650-850 cfm mechanical secondary models and a 750 cfm vacuum secondary model. They boast lightweight die-cast aluminum fabrication, large-capacity fuel bowls with dual sight glasses, dual threaded inlets on each side, and internal baffling to prevent fuel slosh on the track.


  • Polished die-cast aluminum.
  • New throttle lever with integrated Ford A/T, 700-R4, and Chrysler kick-down options.
  • Fuel bowls with dual threaded inlets, dual sight glass windows, and internal baffling.
  • Secondary fuel bowls with notched floats and jet extensions to prevent fuel starvation.
  • Changeable idle, high-speed air bleeds, and power valve restrictions.


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