Cloyes: Hex-A-Just True Roller Sets

The Hex-A-Just True Roller Set, an industry breakthrough when Cloyes introduced it in 1992, still has yet to be equaled in the industry. It is infinitely adjustable to +/- 6 degrees, with no fumbling with offset bushings or machining required: just dial in your cam timing with a wrench and tighten the bolts to lock the cam position. That’s it! You’ll enjoy accurate timing and save many hours of set-up time with the Hex-A-Just.

Cloyes hand matches every Hex-A-Just set to qualify center distance and control run-out.

Quick tech tip: When making cam timing adjustments, first loosen the cam bolts then release the camshaft load.


  • Patented +/- 6 degree adjustments.
  • Induction heat-treated, billet steel sprockets.
  • 3 keyway billet steel crank sprocket.
  • Premium True roller chain with .250” diameter rollers.
  • Hand matched to qualify center distance and control run-out.
  • Some sets available with Z-Chain.
  • All Chevy and BB Chrysler sets include captured thrust bearing.

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