Carb / Perimeter Plate Nitrous Systems

zex-logoThe revolutionary Perimeter Injection™ Technology by ZEX™ provides optimum nitrous and fuel atomization for maximum horsepower. Perimeter Plate Nitrous Systems are complete kits that provide the optimum spray efficiency, with nitrous and fuel outlets placed at 12 injection points around the perimeter of the intake manifold opening. This provides optimum distribution of nitrous oxide and fuel and delivers the most horsepower possible from your kit. The ZEX™ Perimeter Plate Nitrous System is tunable from 100-300 horsepower and is available for both square flange and Dominator, four-barrel carbureted applications.


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Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable from 100-300 HP
  • Nitrous & fuel injected via outlets placed at 12 points around intake plenum
  • Cryo-Sync™ Technology cools the carburetor and manifold for additional power
  • Available for both square flange & Dominator four-barrel applications

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