Bully Dog: GTX Watchdog Performance Monitor

The brand-new GTX Watchdog from Bully Dog, optimized for Cummins, monitors key engine parameters via an easy-to-use, super-responsive touch screen with customizable gauges and Wi-Fi capability. Plus, GTX Watchdog starts up incredibly fast, even via remote start, so drivers can get going in a flash, while the magnetic mounting system stays in easy view during use.

The GTX Watchdog has many more performance information data (PID) monitoring functions than any other device on the market, so users will enjoy greater insight into critical vehicle parameters like boost, fuel rail pressure, main injection timing, VGT actual position, and exhaust gas temps. In addition, drivers can read/clear diagnostic trouble codes and log vehicle performance data as they drive and play it back later using Bully Dog’s free LiveLink software.


  • Optimized for Cummins.
  • Easy-to-use touch screen.
  • Fast startup.
  • Magnetic mounting system.
  • Monitors long list of PIDs.
  • Read and clear DTCs.

For more information contact a Karbelt Pickering salesperson

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