Bolt-Together 6L80E Torque Converter

TCI-logoConverter Technology Modified. Power Multiplied.

The innovative TCI® 6L80E Bolt-Together Torque Converter features a triple-disc lock-up configuration and a bolt-together design that allows for easy disassembly. Removing the billet front provides access to the entire lock-up assembly, turbine, stator and bearings for servicing or tuning for future vehicle modifi cations. To further enhance strength, TCI® engineers included both a precision-ground billet impeller hub and billet front that are CNC-machined to reduce ballooning, while the billet turbine hub, billet lockup piston and billet clutch hub are pre-hardened.

converterLock-Up Design Perfected.

This patent-pending converter features a triple-disc lock-up clutch that utilizes woven carbon frictions designed to withstand the punishment of continuous slip lock-up control. The effective diameter of the clutch in conjunction with the triple-disc configuration provides for significantly higher torque capacity over the stock clutch. The lock-up clutch is attached to an industry-exclusive sprung hub, allowing for smooth engagement while preventing shudder. The sprung hub also absorbs harsh impact loading, which greatly increases transmission life. All of these features work together to provide harder launches without converter lock-up shudder or ECU tuning.


  • 2010 & Up Camaro SS w/Auto
  • 2008-2009 Pontiac G8 GT & GXP w/Auto
  • 2009 & Up Cadillac CTS-V w/Auto
  • 2008 & Up Chevy/GMC Truck/SUV w/6L80E/6 Speed Auto


  • Bolt-On Modification; No Computer Tuning Required
  • 7 Tenths Faster in 1/8 Mile
  • Eliminates Surge & Shudder
  • Patent-Pending Technology
  • Bolt-Together & User Serviceable
  • Billet Triple-Disk Converter Handles Stock to BigHorsepower
  • Fully Furnace-Brazed, Compter Balanced, & Hand Assembled to Precise Tollerences 

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