AutoMeter Products: Elite Digital Gauges

Elite Digital gauges from AutoMeter are now available in the company’s most popular series: Ultra-Lite, Sport-Comp, Phantom, and Cobalt. Thanks to their dual radial LED and digital readout combination, these gauges allow enthusiasts to display independent parameters on each dial, view the difference between them, or view the same parameter on both displays. Pro-Control output gives these gauges the ability to activate fans, relays, switches, and more—letting drivers focus on the task at hand.

Other features include user-programmable warnings, peak recall function, imperial or metric scaling, 0–5 volt analog output, and push buttons that eliminate the need for computer integration.


  • Dual radial LED and digital readouts.
  • Pro-Control output activates fans, relays, switches, and more.
  • Push buttons eliminate the need for computer integration.
  • User-programmable warnings and peak recall function.
  • Imperial or metric scaling.
  • 0–5 volt analog output lets gauges provide information to data loggers, ECUs, etc.
  • Stand alone or can be mixed and matched with other products in AutoMeter’s Ultra-Lite, Sport-Comp, Phantom, and Cobalt lines.

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