AIRAID MXP Air Intake System for ’16-’17 Toyota Tacoma

The PN 510-309 MXP air intake kit from AIRAID for 2016–2017 Toyota Tacoma offers an 8 HP boost at 4,900 rpm (results may vary) and includes a washable and reusable tapered conical universal AIRAID air filter; a one-piece, roto-molded air box; high-density polyethylene tube; integrated velocity stack; and four stainless steel clamps.

The filter itself leverages a multilayer cotton gauze and non-woven synthetic media design for superior filtration. The media is reinforced by both an inner and outer layer of wire mesh to prevent deformity or collapse under high airflow.

The tube benefits from advanced computer modeling to maintain proper mass airflow readings and calibration, while the velocity stack promotes airflow. In fact, AIRAID designed PN 510-309 specifically to address restrictive factory air flow realities.


  • For 2016–2017 Toyota Tacoma.
  • Replaces stock intake tubing, air filter, and air box.
  • Results in horsepower and acceleration gains.
  • High–air flow washable/reusable air filter media.
  • Aluminum lid shields the filter from hot engine bay.
  • Tuned velocity stacks enhance air flow and mass air sensor functionality.
  • No-Hassle Lifetime Warranty.

For more information contact a Karbelt Pickering sales rep.

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