AIRAID (510-340): MXP Cold Air Intake for Toyota Tundra and Sequoia

Like all gas-powered engines, your Toyota V8 makes power by burning a mixture of gasoline and oxygen. Oxygen acts as a catalyst for the detonation, so the number of oxygen molecules in the air charge will directly affect performance. Unfortunately, the OE Toyota Tundra and Sequoia intake systems share many of the same inefficiencies. For example, the intake tube has a tapered shape, with irregular, corrugated inner surfaces. And the air box lets in only a small amount of air, then forces it through a thick paper air filter. All of this causes the air to become turbulent, elevating the temperature and lowering the oxygen content.

AIRAID’s 510-340 MXP high-performance intake system is designed to increase cooler engine airflow, so it can make more horsepower and torque without engine modification. The end result of introducing a higher volume of colder air? An estimated increase of 9 HP and 10 ft.-lb. of torque.


  • For some models of Toyota Tundra and Sequoia.
  • Increases horsepower and torque by 9 HP and 10 ft.-lb., respectively.
  • Replaces stock air box, air filter, and intake tubing.
  • Rotational-molded air box keeps intake air isolated from engine heat.
  • Easy to install using common hand tools.
  • Premium high-airflow air filter.
  • Washable and reusable filter media.
  • Warranty: No-Hassle Lifetime.

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