Aeromotive Phantom 200 Universal In-Tank Fuel System

aeromotive-logoConsidering a switch to EFI or swapping in that late-model motor? What has recently become the hottest trend in hot rodding has been plagued by fuel delivery. The question, as always, is “What do I do for a tank?” Until now, the answer has been one of three options: Weld in a sump to your tank; go with a fuel cell; or pay for a custom tank. Well, not anymore! Aeromotive’s Phantom Fuel System gives you the option to put a high-performance fuel pump inside virtually any fuel tank, including your factory tank.


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The process is straightforward: Cut a hole in your tank. Measure the depth. Cut your pump hanger bracket to length and your baffle / basket foam. Insert the baffle. Install the retainer ring and gasket. Bolt down your pump and hanger. That’s it. Now you have a fuel pump inside your factory tank capable of supporting big horsepower (EFI or carbureted)—and it’s whisper quiet to boot!

Part # 18689

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