AEM: X-Series Datastream Gauges


AEM has added three new entries to its X-Series line of digital gauges: the AEMnet CAN Bus Gauge, the GPS Speedometer Gauge, and the OBDII Gauge. Note: An optional silver bezel with white faceplate accessory kit is available (sold separately).

AEMnet CAN Bus Gauge

30-0312 displays multiple channels of data from AEMnet CAN bus–equipped devices: it’s like having multiple gauges in one display!

It connects via a 4-pin DTM connector and displays data in either US or metric units. View multiple data channels from an Infinity ECU, Series 2, or EMS-4 standalone; view AFR or Lambda from X-Series or 4-channel wideband controllers; or view vehicle speed and acceleration from a vehicle dynamics module. Users can program which available channels they want to display, choose between displaying Lambda or AFR, and clear peak values for channels by using the buttons on the faceplate.

GPS Speedometer Gauge

30-0313 displays ground speed, course, and altitude via an included 10Hz GPS receiver. Users can integrate the X-Series GPS speedo into an Infinity ECU, Series 2 EMS, or EMS-4 to add track mapping, and an included vehicle speed signal can be outputted to an existing speedometer to eliminate the need for a vehicle speed sensor.

A 10Hz GPS receiver receives speed, heading, and altitude data from multiple satellites at 10 samples/second, providing excellent accuracy and reliability. The GPS receiver includes a magnet and adhesive bottom for exterior mounting on the vehicle.


30-0311 puts multiple channels of data at your fingertips by reading the CAN bus stream of your vehicle’s OBD port and transmitting those channels to the gauge display. It also reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). Wiring is simple: just connect the gauge to your vehicle’s OBDII port using the supplied connector! Because this instrument reads OBDII parameters transmitted through a vehicle’s CAN data stream, it is compatible only with 2008+ model year vehicles.

X-Series Shared Features 

  • 2-1/16th (52mm) gauge diameter for easy mounting in gauge pods.
  • Slim 0.825” overall gauge depth and 0.200” cup depth—mount them nearly anywhere!
  • 24 green outer LEDs for quick engine parameter reference.
  • Auto-dimming sensor delivers ideal display brightness.
  • Positive locking connector provides a secure connection.
  • Compatible with 16-volt vehicle systems.

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