AEM Induction Systems (30-2226): 6-Channel CAN Sensor Module

The new 6-Channel CAN Sensor Module from AEM Induction Systems easily and affordably adds temperature, pressure, fuel level, and tachometer signals to a CD Carbon Digital dash through AEMnet CAN bus. The 30-2226 module supports the Bosch CAN 2.0b standard, making it compatible with many third-party devices that accept a programmable CAN bus input—and allowing you to add channels to a non-AEM ECU, dash, or logger.

AEM’s 6-Channel CAN Sensor Module comes with two 0–5V analog inputs, two temp inputs, RPM input, and fuel level input. It’s housed in an IP67-rated enclosure and includes a 12-pin DTM-style connector and pins.


  • Provides the basic channels that users need to get data onto a CD Carbon Digital Dash in a carbureted vehicle, including tachometer, fuel level, and pressure/temp sensors.
  • CD Carbon Dash owners who are sending channels to a CD Carbon Dash from an OBDII CAN stock ECU can add channels that are not available through the factory CAN stream.
  • Users of a non-AEM CAN-based programmable ECU who have consumed all of the inputs can add channels to the dash.


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