4-Pattern Hydraulic Roller Cams

compcams_logoThe Cam Series So Advanced It Could Only Come From COMP Cams®

feature_4_pattern_camsCOMP Cams® 4-Pattern Camshafts are hydraulic rollers designed to optimize valve events based on runner length and feature a large increase in both area under the curve and stability at high RPM. These are the most advanced hydraulic roller cams COMP® has ever introduced for street/track Small & Big Block Chevy and Small Block Ford engines. These camshafts include technology breakthroughs that collectively deliver gains of 5-20 horsepower and stability up to 7500 RPM without compromising maintenance or durability.

Major Technology Advancements

  • 4 Unique Lobe Designs On Each Cam
  • New Stronger Steel Billet Cam Core
  • All-New Race/Street Hybrid Lobe Series
  • 100% CNC-Ground With Adcole Certification


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