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PerTronix (Bundle003): Plug-and-Play Ignition Kit with Ignitor 3 Distributor for Chevy SB/BB

The PerTronix Bundle003 ignition kit is designed to provide maximum ignition performance at an enthusiast-friendly price point. Kit includes a Chevy SB/BB billet plug-and-play Ignitor 3 (I3) distributor with black female cap, Flame-Thrower III chrome coil, and Flame-Thrower MAGx2 universal black spark plug wires with 90-degree plug boot ends. PerTronix’s I3 billet distributors ship with all-new Ignitor […]

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Centerforce (DF593010): Dual Friction Clutch Pressure Plate and Disc Set

Dual Friction series clutches are engineered for those who are looking for the ultimate in street/strip holding power and performance without sacrificing pedal effort and driver control. Though Centerforce engineered the Dual Friction primarily as a street clutch, it can also be used in mild competition applications. Centerforce DF593010 is a performance-matched pressure plate–disc combination featuring the patented Centerforce centrifugal […]

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Flaming River (FR2010BLS): “Blank Slate” Universal Swivel Floor Mount

Responding to custom car and truck builders’ needs, Flaming River has introduced its “blank slate” universal swivel floor mount, which allows for the adding of a lower steering column to new firewalls or for bolt-on applications not currently covered by the Flaming River catalog. Just use the generous 8” x 9.75” mounting flange or your old factory floor mount […]

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