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FiTech (40015): Hy-Fuel Tight-Fit In-Tank Retrofit Kit

FiTech’s Hy-Fuel tight-fit in-tank retrofit kit is a sleek miniature assembly that lets you fit a high-volume fuel system into almost any tank. 40015 is perfect for original or aftermarket fuel tanks, fuel cells with limited space, or a Tanks, Inc. EFI tank. Designed with clearance considerations top of mind, this FiTech system packs a 1-1/8” tall […]

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AutoMeter Products: Elite Digital Gauges

Elite Digital gauges from AutoMeter are now available in the company’s most popular series: Ultra-Lite, Sport-Comp, Phantom, and Cobalt. Thanks to their dual radial LED and digital readout combination, these gauges allow enthusiasts to display independent parameters on each dial, view the difference between them, or view the same parameter on both displays. Pro-Control output gives these […]

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Design Engineering, Inc. (050510): Under Hood Thermal Acoustic Lining

Straight from the innovators at Design Engineering, Inc., Under Hood Thermal Acoustic Lining greatly reduces heat and noise generated in the automotive engine compartments of today’s modern modified vehicles. Installing via a simple peel-and-stick 5 ml acrylic adhesive that produces a permanent bond, the 3/4” thick, marine-grade acoustical foam is reinforced with a reflective aluminum skin. […]

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Design Engineering, Inc. (010486): Cool Cover GOLD Air-Tube Cover Kit

Designed to reflect heat from air tubes and promote cooler air charge for additional power, the 010486 Cool Cover GOLD air-tube cover kit from DEI features high-temperature metalized polyimide lamination bonded to a robust 20 oz. heat-treated glass fiber. The material installs and removes in seconds for show-and-go convenience and fits tubing with up to a 4” […]

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The NOCO Company (G15000): UltraSafe 15-Amp Battery Charger with JumpCharge Engine Start

Boasting charge and maintenance power for 12- and 24-volt lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries, the G15000 UltraSafe from NOCO comes with a JumpStart engine start mode for dead batteries. The G15000 recovers deeply discharged batteries (down to 2 volts) thanks to rejuvenating battery-desulfating technology. Safe for a variety of applications—from cars, SUVs, and boats to RVs and diesel […]

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PROFORM: Electric Piston Ring Filers

For quick and precise ring grinding, look no further than the 220-volt (66759) and 120-volt (66758) electric piston ring filers from PROFORM. Just square up your ring by pressing it against the dowel pin for a clean grind. Suitable for bench or vise mounting, these high-quality aluminum filers include a 120-grit grinding wheel (replaceable with PN […]

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AutoMeter Products: Gauge Visors for 2-1/16” AutoMeter and Spek-Pro Instruments

Able to significantly improve instrument visibility by minimizing glare and reflections on gauges and your windshield, the new gauge visors from AutoMeter easily mount to any 2-1/16” AutoMeter or Spek-Pro gauge (optional spacer ring included to adjust gauge depth). The 5324 visor is made from textured-black composite material to resist heat and UV rays for lasting good looks. You […]

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ARIES (2186002): TrailCrusher Front Bumper with Trail Guard for 2018 Jeep JL

With a stinger-style angular steel brush guard that adds an aggressive look and helps protect your winch out in the wild (winch not included), the 2186000 TrailCrusher front bumper from ARIES offers all the functionality and style you crave. The integrated winch platform features standard mounting locations to fit most winch types and welded shackle mounts that […]

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Air Lift (60829): Air Lift 1000 Air Spring Kit for ’18-’19 Jeep Wrangler JL

Boasting up to 1,000 lb. of load-leveling capacity and eliminating squat, trailer sway, rough rides, and bottoming out, Air Lift 1000 air spring kits from Air Lift fit a massive array of coil-sprung vehicles, from pickups, RVs, and vans to SUVs, CUVs, and cars. The 60829 kit is a rear coil spring application for 2018–20019 Jeep Wrangler […]

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PROFORM (66843): Camshaft Checker Tool with Dial Indicator for Chrysler

This PROFORM lobe indicator tool for Chrysler 273-440 Hemi engines measures lobe lift and base circle runout by sliding down into the lifter bore, held in place with heavy-duty O-rings. Includes dial indicator (0–1.000” range in 0.001” increments; also sold separately as P/N 66962) and followers for flat tappet and roller cams. Features For Chrysler 273-440 Hemi […]

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