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AIRAID: MXP Cold Air Intake for ’12-’15 Supercharged Chevy Camaro ZL1

The MXP series cold air intake for 2012–2015 supercharged Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 with 6.2 liter engine from AIRAID features a large, one-piece, roto-molded air box that uses the OEM scoop, a massive 4.25” induction tube with billet aluminum MAF housing, premium AIRAID SynthaMax non-oiled air filter, and complete high-grade hardware. This product requires the use […]

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Royal Purple: High-Performance Street Synthetic Motor Oil

High-Performance Street (HPS) synthetic motor oil from Royal Purple is specifically formulated to maximize performance and meet the demands of high-performance and modified engines. HPS is recommended for vehicles no longer under manufacturer warranty—and for those seeking a higher level of performance and protection. Available in 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30, 10W-40, and 20W-50 viscosities, Royal Purple’s […]

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Holley: Universal In-Tank Retrofit Fuel Module

Universal in-tank retrofit fuel modules—available in return-style and returnless versions—from Holley eliminate the burden of converting a factory tank or fuel cell for an in-tank EFI fuel system. Available in 255 and 450 LPH pump options, both versions benefit from Holley’s HydraMat system to handle fuel pickup. Returnless modules include all the features of a […]

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PROFORM: 1-Wire Mini-Alternators

Don’t need to power a small village with your alternator? Check out the new 50-amp 1-Wire Mini-Alternators from PROFORM, which come in both Black Crinkle (66432) and Polished (66433) finishes and show a higher performance curve at higher RPMs than many popular 55-amp competitors. These products are 100% new, include a machined V-belt pulley, and […]

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Edge Products (26040): EvoHT2 for GM Gas/Diesel

The EvoHT2 from Edge Products is a premium handheld performance tuner that gives your GM gas or diesel vehicle the most power at the best price—with the industry-leading service and quality that you’ve come to expect from Edge Products. The 26040 features a color screen, upgraded processor, and numerous new features, literally putting the power […]

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ARIES Rocker Steps Aren’t Just for Jeep Wrangler Anymore

ARIES Automotive rocker steps offer more than just extra side protection. With their wide, flat profile and heavy-duty design, they offer a solid step-up option for the off-roader inside every truck owner. While previously available only for the Jeep Wrangler JK, ARIES rocker steps are now available for today’s most popular trucks and SUVs! With […]

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OPTIMA Batteries 12V Performance Charger and Battery Maintainer

The Digital 1200 Battery Charger from OPTIMA Batteries enhances the performance of 12V AGM and flooded OPTIMA batteries as well as other high-performance AGM batteries. Additionally, it recovers deeply discharged batteries and helps extend battery life. This charger boasts one of the best user interfaces around, with an easy-to-read, bright, backlit LCD gauge that displays […]

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QuickTime Steel Bellhousings

QuickTime’s lightweight yet strong bellhousings are ideal for street, strip, and circle track use, with pinpoint dimensional stability and accuracy that make lesser rolled- or stamped-steel models obsolete. Made in the USA and boasting 16 pending patents in design and process, QuickTime bellhousings keep your engine and transmission in alignment through the entire RPM range—eliminating […]

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