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2015 F150

Diablo now supports ’15-’16 Ford F-150 5.0L

Whether you are looking for towing performance, street drivability, or better fuel economy, we have you covered. Adding a DiabloSport tune to your 2015 F150 will add an immediate increase in all three! We optimized each tune to enhance throttle response, increase low-end torque, and add 1-2 MPG over stock. Our tuning team even optimized […]

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Add-A-Stage Nitrous System

The ZEX™ Add-A-Stage Nitrous System upgrades any manufacturer’s single stage EFI nitrous kit to a two stage system. A two stage system is faster than a single stage system because it gradually adds the nitrous power in two separately controlled stages instead of one big, tire-spinning hit. The Add-A-Stage Nitrous System is operated by a […]

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2011-2015 Chevrolet Cruze/Sonic 1.4L Turbo

Cruze around with more POWER, Get Super Sonic Speed! Our performance programmers for the Chevrolet Sonic or Cruze add power and economy to a stock car in minutes! The inTune and Trinity performance programmers are the best performance mods on the market on the 1.4L Ecotec engine platform– they make more power per dollar than […]

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Centerforce DYAD DS Twin for 2009-2015 Mustang 5.4L & 5.8L Supercharged Shelby GT500

NEW DYAD DS (Drive System) Twin PN 04115705 available for 2009-2015 Mustang 5.4L & 5.8L Supercharged Shelby GT500. This Twin includes: Pressure Plate, Floating Disc, Floater, Drive Disc, Flywheel, Crank Bolts, Hydraulic Release Bearing, Pilot Bearing, Bleed Kit, Pressure Plate Nuts and Alignment Tool. The DYAD DS Twins have been developed to meet the needs of […]

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Bump Stager™ – Transbrake Controller

The FAST™ Bump Stager provides improved staging accuracy by allowing users to access the patented “transcreep” function found in FAST™ XFI™ without the added expense of converting the vehicle to a full XFI™ system. Available as a complete kit, the Bump Stager lets drag racers carefully pulse the transbrake. This enables the vehicle to move […]

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