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92-02 Dodge Viper 8.0L V10 – DYAD DS (Drive System) Twin

NEW DYAD DS (Drive System) Twin 04613092 available for 1992-2002 Dodge Viper 8.0L V10 engines which replaces 12-1/4” diameter single disc with 10.4” diameter twin disc clutch. This Twin includes: Pressure Plate, Floating Disc, Floater, Drive Disc, Flywheel, Crank Bolts, Pilot Bearing, Pressure Plate Nuts and Alignment Tool. The DYAD DS Twins have been developed […]

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NEW 05-10 Mustang Hydraulic Release Bearing

New Centerforce ® Hydraulic Release Bearing provides smooth, consistent pedal effort for superior clutch operation. Pair with a Centerforce Clutch, featuring our patented centrifugal weight system, for a total performance clutch package. Centerforce Hydraulic Release Bearing 601825 available for Ford Mustang and Mustang Cobra 6 & 8 Cylinder Engine: 2005-2007 4.0L 245” 6 Cylinder Engine […]

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Weiand is back in the oil pan business!

You remember the old days…. when gassers ruled the strip in the 50’s, 60’s, and early 70’s. They were nose up with speed parts easily seen underneath. Weiand aluminum oil pans helped them get down the strip with 8-quart capacity and fins to keep them cool! Times and styles have changed, but Weiand is back […]

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2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Tuning

Supercharged Performance Tuning on the 2015 Corvette Z06 Our pre-loaded performance tunes could add up to 30 HP & 20 ft.-lbs. of torque over stock to your Z06. The inTune and Trinity performance tuners are the easiest performance upgrade for the 2015 Corvette Z06, with the biggest power gain per dollar! The Power of Precision […]

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E6 Digital CD Ignition Kit

Designed To Work Flawlessly w/ FAST™ EFI Systems, Creating A Fully Engineered Fuel & Ignition Solution The FAST™ E6 Digital CD Ignition Kit is a complete matching CD ignition kit, which ensures optimum performance and durability. The engineers at FAST™ specifically designed the ignition coil based on the output specifications of the CD ignition boxes. […]

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