2008-Present Dodge Challenger SRT8 Twin Turbo Kit

Granatelli-logoGranatelli Motor Sports is proud to announce the availability of the Granatelli Twin Turbo system for 2008-13 SRT8 powered Dodge Challengers.

The system produces 500 RWHP at just 5 PSI and 580-600RWHP @ 8 PSI but is capable of 1,100RWP on a professionally built engine.

The system features near-ZERO turbo lag, instant tire shredding power, superior fit and finish and all OEM quality.

The kit is 100% complete, additional engine modifications recommended after 8 PSI (call for details).



The kit includes twin 62/66mm PTE6266  T3/T4 housing Precision turbos, twin 38mm TiAL MVS waste gates, Granatelli/TiAL 50mm compressor bypass valve, stainless steel exhaust components through out the system, powder coated tubing from turbo to intercooler and from intercooler to throttle body as well as a large front mount air to air intercooler core. Installation requires only moderate mechanical skills and can be completed within 12 hours.

Product ID : 170106


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